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What possibly sets us apart for other tours is my quest for perfection, enthusiasm, and commitment to provide what our client’s seek; fun, memorable and informative tour experiences. For me personally, this is not a job, it’s a joy, pure and simple!.

Over the years I've delivered hundreds of Private London and Brighton Private tours and during this time, I've learnt what works and what doesn't. Knowing what interests spark wonder enables us to succeed to please our guests. Our Private tours provide opportunities for discussion, exchanges of ideas, enhanced emphasis on your preferred topics, historical, artistic, and architectural as well as others that public and other tours simply don't provide. My tour experience.

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Alexandros Moukas

A Tour Director and Educator with seventeen years of experience working both freelance and with language schools. An expert researching and designing itineraries to suit everyone's interest, well-travelled in Britain and continental Europe, who speaks English, Greek and Spanish. Currently working with Planet Pass & VIP London Tour. My tour experience.

Bespoke Tours

It all begins with a conversation or emails to fit out what you've love to experience or learn more about. I'll gather your thoughts and help you select the best choices that meet your expectations and interests. This will allow us to create an itinerary that fits you perfectly regardless of the location or time. Our bespoke tours are conversational, engaging and more than just a “look and see, tour by blur”. Your participation is suggested but never required and we'll ensure it will be one of the highlights of your visit.


Christmas Walk
In London

There's no better way to start the festive season than being on a Dickensian A Christmas Carol Walk to experience the magic of this period and to offer our love and kindness to others like Scrooge at the end of the story!

We will visit the London locations of Dickens' seasonal masterpiece, such as Scrooge's counting house, his haunted house, the pub Ebenezer frequents, the first place the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come takes the main character of our story, as well as the area Bob Cratchit and his family live.

Jane Austen Tour
Let's follow Janes footsteps in London

We will walk in central London in areas such as Lincoln's Inn Fields and Mayfair among others, to experience the capital as it is described in Jane Austen's novels in the 18th and the 19th centuries, during the reign of George III (1760-1820) and a substantial part of the Regency Era, up to the year of the author's death in 1815.

Discover Athens
With Our Friends

Discover the real Athens through our friends and partners at The Greek Key

All of our services are strikingly different from any other tour company, offering such a variety that caters to all needs. Growing fast as a company enables us to introduce you to all parts of Greece during all seasons. The summer season begins in March and ends late October. During this period, you can visit Greece from North to South and all of the islands in perfect weather. From November to March Greece has to offer hiking in forests, skiing on mountains and celebrating Christmas, our way!

Jack The Ripper Tour
11 murders still unsolved

Come and experience the chilling horror Jack spread in 1888’s Whitechapel and let’s walk around and travel back in time to immerse ourselves in the streets of East End where the notorious killer went on a murderous rampage.

The Great Fire Of London
is everything

On the 2nd September 1666 a devastating fire started and destroyed the medieval City of London. It consumed 13,200 houses, 87 parish churches, St Paul's Cathedral, and most of the buildings of the City authorities. It is estimated to have destroyed the homes of 70,000 of the City's 80,000 inhabitants.

On this walk we will visit places like Pudding Lane, The Monument to the Great Fire of London, Leadenhall Market, Mansion House and The Golden Boy of Pye Corner, to name a few of the stops on our route.

Shakespeare Tour
But, for my own part, it was Greek to me.

Follow in the footsteps of the world-renowned dramatist and discover the city he made his home. See the George Inn in Southwark frequented by William Shakespeare, Southwark Cathedral where the great writer is commemorated and St Helen's Parish Church of Bishopsgate, Shakespeare's place of worship.

Ghost Walk Tour
It's a bit spooky

There is a multitude of haunted places in London, pubs, churches, hospitals, palaces, private houses and so on. Join the walks to learn about the dark side of the capital as well as historical facts about the sites we visit and London's sinister past.

Charlie Chaplin's London
The Iconic Hero of Silent Movies

Our walk will mainly take place in the areas of London south of the River Thames and will conclude in central London.

Portobello Road
anything and everything

Portobello Road is home to one of London's and the world's most iconic and famous markets. You will hear about how the Road got its name, its history up to now, and see famous residences along it.

We will also look at fascinating buildings in the rest of Notting Hill, in Holland Park, Kensington and Bayswater, such as Leighton House, the home and studio of the 19th century English painter and sculptor Frederick Leighton, Kensington Palace and Whiteleys Department Store, among others.

National Gallery
Mythological & Ancient History Paintings Tour

Founded in 1824, The National Gallery houses a collection of over 2,300 paintings dating from the mid-13th century to 1900. In this tour we will look at works by Titian, Tintoretto, Poussin, Domenichino, Turner, Rubens, Claude and Velasquez among many others.

National Gallery
Individual Artists Tour

The artists whose work we will look at and talk about are Botticelli, Jan Van Eyck, Giovanni Bellini, Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael, Titian, Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Rubens, Poussin, Van Dyck, Claude, Canaletto, Goya, Constable, Ingres, Degas, Cézanne, Monet and Van Gogh.

Tours on other individual artists can be provided upon request.

The Beginners Guide To London
A great way to start

This tour is for first time visitors to London; we will see the main sights of the capital such as Buckingham Palace, The Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, China Town, Leicester Square, Covent Garden, Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.

Covent Garden
7th Century Settlement to Street Performers

We will look at the fascinating history of this bustling area of central London from its origins in the 7th century AD up to now. With street performers, market stalls and a lot of places to sit down and relax enjoying great food and lively classical music Covent Garden is a place everyone needs to visit when in London!

London Historical Pub Tour
A refreshing Tour

We will walk around different areas of London where we will see public houses that are architecturally and historically enchanting. Some of these are The Blind Beggar, The Cockpit Tavern, The Viaduct Tavern, Ye Olde Mitre, The George Inn, The Black Friar, Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese and the Cittie of York.

Please note that some pubs are closed at weekends, so we will not be able to go inside.

Jewish London Tour
A gripping history and the rise of the Rothchilds

The Jewish presence in London dates back to the 11th century. We will start our walk in the East End of London and we will look at history of London's Jewish community from that time to the present. We will discover the hidden Jewish London both in the East and West Ends of the capital.

Soho And Chinatown
Sex, drugs and rock n roll to theatreland

Learn about how this tiny district got its name, residents from many different nations such as the French and the Greeks who have their mark in the area, as well as famous people such as Canaletto and Engels who lived here and others such as Orwell who frequented the area.

Hear about London's first Chinatown and why it was transferred to here and have some time out enjoying the exquisite delicacies in its bakeries and patisseries.

Historic London
A very special private tour

We will visit both known and less familiar areas of London, and you will discover an array of historic parts of London from its origins until almost up to now. As the great British capital has a very long history this walk will be divided to the following tours:

1. St Paul's & the Barbican. 2. Spitalfields & Whitechapel. 3. Blackfriars & Mansion House. 4. Clerkenwell. 5. Spitalfields & Whitechapel. 6. Bloomsbury. 7. Charing Cross & West End. 8. Belgravia & Chelsea. 9. Holborn Inns of Court & Fleet Street. 10. St James's. 11. Mayfair. 12. Southwark. 13. Westminster. 14. Lambeth.

Tours of other areas can be arranged upon request.

Ghost stories of London
Scary, but true

Our haunted walks will concentrate on individual areas such as: The City of London, Clerkenwell, Southwark, The West End, Covent Garden, Westminster, Belgravia & Chelsea

The Suffragettes
Their Stuggle and pitfalls

The Suffragettes were, as we know, members of women's organisations in the late-19th and early-20th centuries who, under the banner "Votes for Women", fought for women's suffrage, the right to vote in public elections. We will visit locations in central London in relation to their struggle such as Parliament Square, The Women's Social and Political Union Building, Christchurch Gardens, the National Gallery and many others.

Karl Marx
Marxism in London from 1849 to 1883

Karl Marx, the German influential thinker and philosopher lived in London from 1849 until his death on 14 March 1883. Some of the sites we will see during our walk are The British Museum, the Museum Tavern, Quo Vadis in Soho and The Marx Memorial Library in Clerkenwell.

Charles Dickens Tour London
"The parks be the lungs of London"

Charles Dickens is one of the most important and influential writers of the 19th century; throughout his career he published a total of 15 novels. We will visit locations around London related both to his personal life and to the books he wrote. Our walks will be on the following areas: St James's & Mayfair Soho & Covent Garden The Strand & Fleet Street Bloomsbury & King's Cross Holborn Clerkenwell St Paul's & Borough

Roman London
Londinium - The Town of Lugh

The Romans founded the city in around 50 AD making Londinium the largest and most populous town in the entire British province, but the gods are not very well represented, with only half a dozen altarstones or religious inscriptions on stone recorded in the RIB.

On our walk you will be shown remnants of London's Roman past such as the Roman Amphitheatre, the longest and most striking section of Roman wall and turret and the Roman Mithraeum.

Famour Women In London Tour
Womens history & Heritage

Our walks are about the Great Lives of Women, both anonymous and known, who have left a significant mark on London's history and heritage. Great women and places around London associated with them will be seen on our walks of areas both in central London and beyond.

Agatha Christie's Poirot
The filming locations

In various parts of London we will see on this walk are in Lincoln's Inn Fields, in Bloomsbury, in the City of London, in Kensington and many others.

Agatha Christie's Miss Marple
The filming locations

Miss Marple episodes were filmed in London in Milford Lane, The Savoy, by the Royal Albert Hall at night, we will try and relive those moments shown in the series while visiting those places and others.

Historical Tour Of Brighton
Welcome to London On Sea

Brighton and Hove have a wealth of great buildings from different periods, The Georgian, Regency, Victorian, Edwardian and the twentieth century; you will hear about their architectural characteristics, their history and you will discover the secrets of this amazing city!

Historic Pubs in Brighton & Hove
Historical Watering Holes

All the public houses we will see on our walks have great stories to tell! Some of those we will visit are Seven Stars, Cricketers, the Druids Head, Brighton Tavern and it is guaranteed you will have a great time going from one to the next!


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